Video of the first Special needs Baptism at Bethel

During Bethel’s Sunday morning services, we have a ministry for children with special needs. One of the children asked to be baptized, so we set up a special service where we baptized eleven children. Some of them were afraid of the water, some of them didn’t want to get out, but there was plenty of grace to meet each child exactly where they were at! it was one of the most beautiful and unique baptism services we have ever had. What a blessing it was to witness the simplicity of their faith and to get to be a part of their continued journey into healing. Prepare for your heart to be melted!

Message Video Series

The below videos were developed out of the conversations that I’ve had with parents who have children with special needs. May you find encouragement, hope, and faith in your journey of healing!

The Perfect Gift – Video 1

No offense Taken- Video 2

Celebrate the Small – Video 3

Contentment in Jesus – Video 4

The Peace of Heaven – Video 5

Audio message

Through the word the Lord gave me a revelation of how to minister healing to special needs children. It is a revelation out of John 14:27. It has since extended into seen other mental illness conditions.
This is in a audio message called “The Spirit That Destroys Chaos” It is available by clicking the link

Healing is the Children’s Bread Facebook Group

This private Facebook group is designed for parents of children with special needs who have a heart to pursue healing for their children. It’s a place of encouragement where parents can both pray for each other and celebrate in each other’s victories. We weren’t meant to do this journey alone!

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