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Prayer Partnership

Would you commit to pray for us as a family on a weekly basis? We so value knowing that we have people praying for us and our ministry. If you can commit to praying for us as a family please drop us your details on the Contact Us page so that we know we have an army of people supporting us.

As part of Chris’ job profile, he is released to minister one Sunday per month away from Bethel. It’s important that what he has received and receiving at Bethel be taken out! Chris is available to minister on Sunday’s and also has a passion to work with ministry teams to train, teach, impact and impart in order that they can see the saints get what Jesus paid for.

Financial Partnership

Another way you can partner with us is by donating financially to support us as a family.

We value the support of people who would arise and say, we believe in God’s call on the Gore family. Click the button below to make donations with all credit cards via a secure server. Thank you for your interest to supporting us with a personal gift..

People have also requested to donate to our daughter Emma, who is currently  in college/university completing a degree in Economics. If you are wanting to donate to Emma’s education, please also donate on the below button and drop us an email from the contact page to advise that the donation made was for Emma’s education.

Blessings and Thank you so much.